My Story…

From the age of five, I can remember standing on my school playing field feeling like I wasn't alone yet there was no-one else there. I could sense energies but didn't understand it.

During my teen years I had a couple of premonitions that ended up happening and I spoke to my mum about them.

When I was 20 I would often be able to predict things in the work place- simple everyday things like knowing who was on the end of a phone call, or what was in a file. It scared me and I did my best to shut it down.

After my marriage broke down thing started to intensify. I discovered the spiritual church in my early 40's as the result of a bad relationship I was in. My friend invited me along to the church and that particular day they did a reading on unconditional love which felt really relevant for me.

That same day, I learned that a new development group was starting, I went along and began speaking on stage in front of an audience to bring spirits through within eight weeks.

I get such great pleasure from delivering messages and the joy, and sometimes the tears it brings. It brings huge meaning and purpose to my life.

When I'm not working with spirit…

I love being creative in all its arty, crafty forms and thinking outside the box to do things differently.

I love dancing Ceroc... you won't get me off the dance floor, but I also love walking and I am climbing Snowdon in July.

Gardening and garden design is another big passion, creating special places in my garden to simply ‘be’.

I have three wonderful children who are everything to me. I have also recently become a grandmother which is such a privilege, my granddaughter brings such joy and tranquility into my life and I look forward to nurturing her as she grows.


  • Reiki Healing Mastership

  • Natural Life Facial Massage

  • Rahanni Celestial Healing

I’d love for you to connect with me and share your journey at one of my groups…