A few words shared from clients… I am honoured to have had the opportunity in facilitating so many wonderful transformations.

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Seeking a connection with my higher divine self has not only been enlightening but enjoyable, my confidence has exceeded my expectations. A big thank you to Karen for her Circle holdings, you have helped me set the foundations for a future of positivity and expectance that I feel truly blessed to have met you
— Maria Oakley

“I have been hiring pitches at events for many years and Karen’s organizational skills...her care and attention to detail are exemplary!

I am a very organised person myself so I find it frustrating when organisers of events I pay to attend are less well organised. Karen’s has never yet fallen into that category on the contrary she is BETTER organised than me! “
— Alexis Penn-Carver

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We thoroughly enjoyed exhibiting at the White Feathers event in Stevenage. Such amazing energy in the room, so many lovely visitors who really engaged with our crystals and Orgonite. Superb organisation by Karen, we highly recommend you go along to the next one!
— Sue - Amethyst Moons